Bandiere Blu

Do You like going to the beach? Check

Do You like swimming in the sea? Check

Are you looking for safety, water quality and facilities? Check-Check-Check.

In Italy there are 409 places which have received the blue flag certification.

What does Bandiera Blu mean? It’s an international certification issued by the foundation for environmental education that a place, such as beach, marina or boating tourism operator meet its high standards.

Bandiera Blu’s beaches offer several activities such as environmental education courses to the customers to acknowledge them about the importance of a sustainable tourism.

One of the main points, from a touristic perspective, is that local authorities have constant access to the seawater to analyse its quality. If the outcome of this test does not meet the requirements, the blue flag is temporally suspended.

With regards to the several services proposed, they are 100% oriented to preserve and protect the ecosystem.

Bandiera Blu‘s activities are managed by the FEE, the Foundation for Environmental Education, which is an international organization and its headquarter is in Denmark. The FEE’s activity involves 77 countries all around the world. FEE-Italy develops several sustainable projects such as Bandiera Blu, Eco-Schools, Young Reporters for the Environment, Learning about Forests and Green Key.

Swimming in a bandiera blu’ sea is great for the environment and it is one of the best ways to enjoy your italian trip with Visiting Italian Places.

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